Meet Our Team

No Risk Automation LLC was formed in 2014 to provide businesses with a group of trusted industry experts to ensure the success of automation projects. Our team consists of best-in-class industry experts and thought leaders with experience in nearly all sectors of manufacturing, distribution, logistics as well as specialized experience in plant automation and IT.

John Hayes is the CEO and founder of No Risk Automation LLC as well as the owner of The Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte NC. He is a professional speaker and industry thought leader in the field of plant automation and Automatic Guided Vehicles. His articles, presentations, and posts can be found on automation industry websites as well as trade publications and trade show archives. Career highlights include the United States Marine Corps, IDAB, IBM, Professional Control Resources, AGV Products, FMC, Egemin, HK Systems, Dematic and Seegrid in his career in Automation and Tremont Music Hall as an entrepreneur. Roles and responsibilities grew as John’s career progressed from a manufacturing technician to onsite installation, a sales role, sales manager and finally Vice President of Sales at Seegrid with documentable increases in sales of nearly 400%. John was recently awarded the 2014 Pros to Know Award by SCDE magazine for his experience, knowledge, and thought leadership in the area of plant automation. With over 20 years as an automation professional and a business owner John has a deep knowledge of the Automation Industry.